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Setting up an Appointment

Setting a Custody Evaluation Appointment
(both Comprehensive and Limited Scope)

Attorneys should contact us at (310) 392-6163 to inquire about availability. The deposit is $4000 for Brief, Focused Evaluations and $7500 for Comprehensive Evaluations. We also charge our associates on a sliding scale. We ask that the relevant stipulation be signed by all parties before we set a date for the first appointment. Once we have received the above the clients should contact us directly to discuss appointments. Attorneys should have also already provided us with the clients’ contact numbers and address. If necessary, our office will send the parties our information packet which includes a custody evaluation questionnaire and collateral contact information sheets, all to be returned to this office. You may also access the relevant forms via the link below.

Setting a Mediation Appointment

Usually, we schedule two hours for each mediation session. The number of sessions depends on the issues and level of conflict in each case. However, the average divorce mediation involves three to six sessions. Often, there will be two or more weeks between sessions to allow information to be gathered.

Interested parties should contact the office at (310) 392-6163 to check the doctors’ availability. If he/she is available, our office will go ahead and coordinate the setting of appointments with both parties. A deposit must be received in advance for the first session and arrangements for later fees will be discussed at that time.

If the professional is available, it is possible to set a brief in-person or telephone consultation free of charge. This 10 to 15 minute appointment is designed to help prospective clients determine if the doctor is a good “fit” for them. This consultation should be either a joint appointment or a teleconference, so that both prospective parties meet the doctor at the same time. If that is not possible, the appointment can be set individually. The doctors will inform the parties of their rates, how they work, and their expectation for agreements and appointments.

Setting Court-Ordered Therapy Appointments

We need a copy of the Court Order and the names and contact numbers for the other parties involved, including attorneys. We need to know who has been ordered to be responsible for payment, if that is not included on any Court Order. In these cases, we require that a deposit be sent in to hold appointment days. Once this amount is used, we will ask for another deposit.

If this is therapy for children or a family, the doctor will speak with the mother and father initially, either together or separately, and then see the child/ren involved.

Setting Parenting Plan Coordinator Cases

Attorneys should contact us at (310) 392-6163 to check availability for accepting new cases. We can fax or email our information letter and Stipulation. A deposit is required in these cases.

Setting All Other Appointments

Call (310) 392-6163 to discuss availability and to set appointments.

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