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Welcome to Lund and Strachan, Inc. We offer a full range of psychological services for you and your family. For many years, we have worked with families and couples facing a variety of problems. We have particular expertise with troubled children and adolescents and also with families going through separation or divorce. We focus on the whole family’s needs, help make practical decisions, promote emotional healing, and provide each individual with support as they go through divorce and its aftermath.

The well-being of children comes first in our practice, and we work with parents to make children a priority. Our Santa Monica office provides a warm and child-friendly atmosphere. When a child or adolescent has a behavioral, emotional or mental health problem, we work to strengthen the whole family.

Different families need different kinds of help. Families going through separation and divorce can benefit from mediation, collaborative divorce, custody evaluations, and parenting plan coordination, as well as family and individual psychotherapy.

We regularly do presentations and trainings for other professionals working in family law and have written for academic and professional journals on topics related to divorce and children. We have developed the Structured Child Assessment of Relationships in Families (SCARF), a tool for mental health professionals, to help understand children’s feelings and thoughts about their family members. We pride ourselves on having national and international reputations and providing highly professional and responsive service to the Southern California community.

Angus Strachan also offers team and organizational consulting and mediation through Strachan consulting.

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