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Overview of Services

We offer Custody Mediation for divorcing parents who want to set up parenting plans at the point of separation. Mediation can also be useful after divorce, as circumstances change or children develop. We can work with parents on their own, or with attorneys who represent clients, or with attorney mediators who work with both parents, to develop agreement about parenting plans.

We offer Co-parenting Counseling to help parents communicate better and develop ways to make decisions about their children.

Dr. Lund offers Collaborative Divorce, working with collaborative attorneys and therapists to provide the least adversarial process possible: the focus is on solving practical problems, promoting emotional healing and providing support.

Dr. Lund provides Consultation to individual parents going through a separation as well as to family law attorneys.

Dr. Strachan provides family therapy for families facing myriad problems, including problems with children and adolescents, including severe psychiatric problems, as well as family business challenges. He consults to management teams to resolve conflict and improve management team functioning (Strachan Consulting).

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