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Custody Mediation

We offer Custody Mediation for divorcing parents who want us to help set up parenting plans at the point of separation or to modify plans later, as part of resolving disputes. We may involve attorneys in sessions or conference with attorneys, at the request of the parties. Custody mediation results in written agreements, to be reviewed by attorneys, which may become court orders.

We work to make mediation sessions a safe place for couples who are going through what is probably one of the worst experiences of their lives. Each party is helped to be assertive and clear about issues and needs. Respectful communication and understanding of the other's interests are also part of mediation. Mediation is not divorce therapy — we do not try to resolve why you broke up. Instead, we try to find out what is possible in a future relationship, especially if you have children. Working out agreements about interacting can help even very angry spouses continue to cooperate as parents.

After each session, parties get a list of agreements, which are confidential. At the end of the mediation, parties receive a list of all agreements in plain English. The agreements can be forwarded to an attorney or paralegal to be incorporated into the Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) needed to finalize a divorce.

Although we cannot guarantee that people will feel good at the end of a mediation, our experience is that they often feel satisfaction in how they handled the process.

Mediation is a good method of resolving child custody parenting plans for the following reasons:

  • You can work out agreements yourselves.
  • You will have a psychologist who can help you face emotionally-charged disagreements and work them through to an agreement.
  • You can tailor the agreement to your particular circumstances.
  • You can get input from capable professionals regarding the type of plans helpful in your situation.
  • You can learn techniques for reaching agreements with each other which you can use over time in the future, with or without a mediator.
  • You can avoid the acrimony and financial cost of litigation.

Do you mediate financial disputes?
In our office, we focus on mediating parenting arrangements. If you want comprehensive mediation, which includes mediation of the financial issues of property division, and child and spousal support, we will work in tandem with an attorney-mediator. Please contact us for a consultation.

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